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Collaboration on Modern(ising) Policies And Systematic Strategies in Life Long Learning

Compass Exchange House National Travellers Service is delighted to announce that it has been selected as the Irish organisation to work in partnership with five other organisations across Europe on Compass, a Leonardo de Vinci Education and Culture EU project.

Exchange House, as part of The Compass project will work with disadvantaged Traveller youth, national training agencies, educational institutes, employers organisations and career guidance experts to design and implement an innovative training programme which will create educational and employment options for the youth involved.

Exchange House is currently researching and will publish a report on the current situation for Traveller youth who want to enter further education or the labour market as part of the first stage of Compass.

Partnership countries for Compass are Austria, Germany, Greece, Slovakia and Turkey.

The Compass project will take place over 2011 and 2012.

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Images of the Kick-off Meeting in Innsbruck, Austria

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Images of the Second Meeting in Samsun, Turkey

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Images of the Third Meeting in Litohoro, Greece

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Images of the Fourth Meeting in Dublin, Ireland

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Images of the Fifth Meeting in Stuttgart, Germany

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Images of the Urban Orienteering Race in Dublin

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Images of the Final Conference

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