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New pathways towards volunteering and life long learning for ‘Senior’ European citizens

The “Alpha-to-Omega” project targeted elderly citizens and senior migrants who are disadvantaged due to their social, ethnic or educational background and introduced disadvantaged senior European citizens to forms of life long learning through social participation.

“Alpha-to-Omega” aimed to increase the acquisition of knowledge, proficiencies and competencies of adults through inter-generational dialogue. The methods embraced inter-generational task based learning.

Ireland (Exchange House National Travellers Service) was partnered with Germany, Austria, Belgium, Greece and Romania. Exchange House successfully piloted a ‘Living History’ module with older women from the Traveller community in an intergenerational learning project. Modules by the other partners include: Literature, Technology and Media (IEIE - Germany); Cultural heritage (Vivre ȁ Kokelberg – Belgium); Love and Partnership, Photography and Music (ANUP – Romania); Safe use of Medication and Safety at Home (Prolepsis – Greece); Volunteering (Akzente – Austria)

The projects gave Exchange House an opportunity to share expertise in an international arena. The modules have been translated into a number of other European languages.

The project was funded by the European Union under the Education and Culture Socrates Programme-GRUNDTVIG General European Co-operation Project. The programme ran from 2006 and concluded in September 2008.


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